Membership Opportunities


Membership is open to individuals or organizations in the community who are interested in youth development or youth adult partnerships.  The Coaltion generally meets the third Thursday of the month on a quarterly basis, with the Coalition Leadership Team meeting monthly.

Who can contribute?

Persons interested in contributing to the TFJCK coalition could be community members, members from the faith community, school district staff, human services staff, medical professionals, law enforcement, concerned/interested parents or caregivers, youth (12-18), or any person whom is generally concerned/interested in learning more about keeping the community a safe, drug-free place to live.

What is a contribution?

A contribution can come to TFJCK in many forms.  For example, a person’s attendance at a coalition meeting gives TFJCK opportunity for diverse opinions and input on specific topics.  It also allows us to use your “volunteered” time as an In Kind donation.  In Kind is donated time, services, space, supplies, mileage, meals, etc., which the coalition can use as “matching contributions” for the federal Drug Free Communities Grant that has been received annually.  To summarize, a person’s contribution may be 1 to 11 meetings a year, or it may be use of a copy machine, use of much needed meeting space, a package of cookies for a meeting, educational services provided in a facilitator capacity or anything that may assist TFJCK in their mission.

When can one contribute?

Typically, contributions happen at the TFJCK coalition or Leadership Team meetings.  There are times though, when contributions take place outside of a meeting.  For instance, if TFJCK is hosting an event, all of those who attend would be considered In Kind contributors.  One can also contribute hours spent using personal office space (space donation) on TFJCK projects, along with personal time contributions for hours spent working (time donation) on the project.

Where does one make a contribution?

Contributions to TFJCK, or In Kind, are done with participation in the organization.  Wherever TFJCK is having an event, meeting, etc., this is where a contribution can be made.  If there is a contribution made that needs to be reported, this is done by reporting to the Program Director or Program Coordinator, via email, phone, In Kind reporting form, or mail.

Why make a contribution?

There are several reasons why contributions are very important to TFJCK…

  • Without the contributions made by the members attending, meetings would not occur. Without coalition meetings, TFJCK would not exist as a community organization.
  • Each individual member of TFJCK brings something special to the table, which helps to make this organization a more diverse group.
  • Contributing your time, knowledge, and services to TFJCK makes this organization stronger and better able to fight against youth drug use and risky behaviors in Jackson County.
  • You may learn something while you are here.
  • It could look good on a resume.

How to make a contribution?

Making a contribution is simple.  You just need to attend a meeting, obtain a membership packet, and we will get you started.  In Kind is typically documented on an “In Kind” form and turned into the Program Coordinator.  The Program Coordinator then documents the contribution for federal reporting purposes.