Teens Against Bullying Others

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Teens Against Bullying Others (TABO) is a peer educator program that teaches
tolerance and methods to deal with bullying. TABO is a diverse group of teens who are tired of seeing bullying in their school’s hallways, tired of seeing bullying in their communities, tired of being bystanders to bullying, and have decided to be proactive in the charge against bullying.

Photo Collage Spring 2012 TABO

TABO started in 2012 at the Black River Falls High School.  That spring TABO presented to the Black River Falls sixth grade class.  In the fall the curriculum was expanded to seventh and eighth grades. In the fall of 2012 the Black River Falls TABO presented to nearly 400 middle school students.

BRF 2012-13 PresentersMake A Difference Day And TABO Shirts copy

Thanks to a small grant in 2012 TABO was able to get t-shirts for its members and expand on to other schools in Jackson County. Alma Center-Humbird-Merrillan (Lincoln) was the next school in Jackson County to start-up a TABO group.  In January of 2013 the Lincoln TABO educated over 200 students about bullying and what they can do to stand up to bullying.Lincoln 2013 TABO

Black River Falls TABO meets Tuesday afternoons at the Black River Falls High School cafeteria during focus period.  If you’re of high school age and in the Black River Falls School District you are welcome to come to a meeting.

Lincoln TABO meets Thursday mornings at the Lincoln Jr./Senior High School Auditorum during first hour.  If you’re of high school age and part of the ACHM School District you’re welcome to come to a meeting.

If you would like more information on TABO you can also check out the Facebook page and YouTube page.

If you have questions about TABO curriculum or starting a TABO group in your school contact Monica Lobenstein.