Safe Prescription Drug Disposal

Safe disposal of medications is a priority in Jackson County.  Not only does safe disposal prevent misuse of medications, it also helps keep our waterways clean. Medications should not be thrown in the garbage or flushed down the toilet because they can harm the environment.

Prescription and over-the-counter medications can be taken Monday thru Friday to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department located at 30 North 3rd Street, Black River Falls. Various prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications will be accepted, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  Items that are prohibited are liquid medications, intravenous solutions, injectables or syringes, biological, infectious or human fluids and waste, at this time.  Items are encouraged to be brought in their original containers but it is not mandatory.  This collection is at NO COST to the public.


The Wisconsin Department of Justice holds a drug take back day in the spring and fall of each year in various locations across the state.  The event is held every April and October in Jackson County at the Jackson County Recycling Center. Check out this event location map to find out when other drug take back locations around the state.





Deterra(R) drug deactivation bags work by dissolving medications and mixing them with active carbon making them inert.  These bags are safe to throw away in the garbage.  Medium sized bags are available from a variety of  variety of locations in Jackson County. Medium sized bags can hold 45 pills, or 6 ounces of liquid medication, or 6 patches.





Storing your prescription painkillers and other medications in a locked container is an effective ways to prevent abuse or accidental use.

Keeping prescription painkillers secure and out of sight can prevent them from falling into the hands of someone who wants to abuse them. It can also prevent someone in your house from accidentally taking the wrong medication.