This one hour course, where participants completing the class are considered “Gatekeepers”, teaches how to recognize the warning signs of suicide, how to offer hope, and how to get help and save a life.  Participants will feel confident, once trained, to implement/assist with:

  • Early recognition of suicide warning signs. The sooner warning signs are detected and help sought, the better the outcome of a suicide crisis will be.
  • Early QPR. Asking someone about the presence of suicidal thoughts and feelings opens up a conversation that may lead to a referral for help.
  • Early intervention and referral. Referral to local resources or calling 1-800-Suicide for evaluation and possible referral is critical, as most people thinking about suicide are suffering from an undiagnosed and/or untreated mental illness or substance abuse disorder for which excellent treatments exist. Also, the offering of hope and social and spiritual support can often avert a suicide attempt
  • Early professional assessment and treatment. As with any illness, early detection and treatment results in better outcomes and fewer lives lost to suicide.

To schedule a one-hour QPR session for your business/organization/school, contact Together for Jackson County Kids ( kristi.hanson@co.jackson.wi.us )